9 tips for proper washing of handmade carpets at home

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

In the summer, warm and direct sunny weather is a good opportunity for those who like to wash their carpets at home; But to wash handmade carpets and prevent damage that can be caused by clumsy washing, you need to follow some tips, which will prevent your carpet from turning yellow or even rotting prematurely.

I will explain the steps of washing hand-woven carpets in a separate post. In this post, we will review the some important points that we should pay attention to when washing hand-woven carpets at home.

Tip1: The most important step you should take as a first step is to make sure your carpet is dust-free before washing. To do this, shake the carpet and gently tap it with a tool such as a piece of wood to remove the dust inside the lint. Dust after mixing with water causes mud and eventually causes the carpet to become dull and dark

Tip2: Before start washing a handmade rug, the first thing you need to know is whether your rug gives back its color or not. To do this, wet a piece of white napkin and rub it on a small part; If the white cloth is taken from the colored carpet, it is highly recommended to leave the washing operation to the carpet washing centers; Otherwise, you can easily wash handmade carpets at home by following a few tips.

Tip3: The second important point in washing handmade carpets is to place it on a hard and sloping surface so that no excess water is left under it and it can be easily removed.

Tip4: The water temperature for this type of carpet should be quite lukewarm, do not use cold water and hot water at all for better washing, because the color of the carpet will be lost due to contact with hot water.

Tip5: The best detergents are hand washing powder, carpet shampoo, soap powder and dishwashing liquid.

Tip6: After washing the carpet, wipe it with a clean cloth and leave the carpet in the same position as it is on the floor for a while to prevent the paint from returning to other parts.

Tip7: It is better to dry the carpet away from direct sunlight and you should spread it in the open air from behind. Remember never to water the carpet after you have spread it; Because this will cause the roots of your carpet to turn yellow.

Tip8: After the carpet is dry, if the lint have been moved, gently pull on it with a brush so that all the carpet lint are in place.

Tip9: Do not use any heating devices to dry your handmade carpets.

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